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October 2009 · Bimonthly

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Once again, courtesy of Ed Berbaum, here is another piece from the singular legacy of the great Jehile Kirkhuff of Pennsylvania. Check out past editions of Fiddle Sessions for several other examples.

You'll notice that Kirkhuff plays Mildred's in G while Berbaum sets his in the key of D. The fingering is the same, but the G version is played one string lower. In the 2nd section Kirkhuff does a lot of 2 note slurs from the downbeat to the up. For example, in measure 17 the F#-A and all the following pairs of eighth notes are slurred.

There's also a short 3rd section that Ed forgot to transcribe! Maybe in a future issue.

Listen to Mildred'sSchottische.mp3.

For more information on Ed Berbaum, his Jehile projects and his own work, link to any of the following:

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