Bob Wills' I Don't Love Nobody

by Stacy Phillips

To go along with Neil Rossi's version of I Don't Love Nobody, here is a very different setting of the same piece. It's based on the playing of Bob Wills, who usually doesn't get the credit he deserves from old time fiddle fans.

Though he fronted the most famous western swing band, his fiddling was always quite traditional sounding. His personal style is the basis of the Nashville commercial country fiddle style that can still be heard on current recordings.

HIs arrangements are usually quirky. This one follows the vocal a little closer and is in the key of G, instead of Rossi's C.

This is taken from my Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes - Volume 2, which was recently taken out-of-print by Mel Bay Publications. That book also contained versions of "I Don't Love Nobody" by Mark O'Connor and by Doc Roberts. The Phillips Collection had an unprecedented selection of blues, rags, listening pieces, waltzes, hornpipes, polkas etc. Call your local music store and plead that it be made available again.

     Stacy Phillips

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