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February 2009 · Bimonthly

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Stacy Phillips, Editor

Welcome to the February issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

FiddleSessions® is a monthly online magazine exploring various facets of Fiddle music. Each month, this "webzine" will feature articles by composers, teachers, or performers. Visitors to the site can learn about the featured authors' publications, background, or performance / workshop schedule. A free printable music sample will be included in at least one of the articles each month.

First, Paul Anastasio continues his dissertation on some violin fundamentals.  In this issue, the topic is developing effective practice habits.

Carolyn Osborne responds to my rant about contest fiddling (Fiddle Session: Dec. 2009) with her own take on the subject.  I do not agree with all of her opinions but it’s great to have an exchange of opinions on the current state of tradition-based fiddling.
I welcome email from any reader who would like to respond to any article that appears in this e-mag.

“Missouri Gal” is a well-known traditional musician who doesn't want to her band mates put on the spot by venting her trenchant observations.  In a related vein to the topic discussed by Carolyn Osborne and myself, she has some advice concerning keeping American traditional fiddle alive and healthy.

Finally, I’m happy to introduce a new member of Mel Bay’s fiddle stable, Tim Kliphuis.  I met Tim a couple of years ago, while performing in Holland.  He’s a great swing fiddler and he introduces an excerpt from his new book, Stephane Grapelli Gypsy Jazz Violin

Cookie Segelstein’s survey of klezmer violin modes will continue in the next Fiddle Sessions.


      Stacy Phillips

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