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February 2007 · Bimonthly

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(Here's another tune from the great Jehile Kirkuff courtesy of Ed Berbaum - Stacy)

Click to hear IvyLeaf.mp3

"The Ivy Leaf", as Jehile Kirkhuff plays it, is full of what makes Jehile an outstanding old-time fiddler. There are slurred triplet pick up notes, aggressive staccato hits, independent yet stylish single bows, little trills, turn arounds and volume changes. Including these in the transcription is do-able but since Jehile does not present this tune this exact way each time he plays it, I have not included them here in the notation.
{I have added the bowing Jehile used on the first chorus of "The Ivy Leaf". Be aware that it is probably incomplete, and that Jehile changes it with each repeat. - Stacy}

I encourage the use of slow down software then listen at a slow speed and even make a loop by isolating a little part of the tune that troubles you and this software will make a little independent tune of it and play it over and over and over until it really makes sense to you and you mentally and emotionally really get what is being done.

As you learn all or most of Jehile's colorful bowing, slurs, volume changes, little swingy bows and staccato, you are filling your bushel basket with these tricks of the trade that you WILL use, -- depending on your mood and how much sleep you got last night and diet. These techniques will reveal your joyous (hopefully) state of mind while you present this dandy tune to your audience. If it is played exactly the same each time it becomes a "been there and done that" thing and the tune, or any tune, looses it liveliness and true expression from the heart and soul of the fiddler.

Please see and have a visit with my dear old friend. Every thing is free. Its like the good old days when you can be the guest in Jehile's home on the web. CD Baby has a cd of Jehile called "Jehile Stands Alone". Listen to the free samples. If you decide to buy it the cd jacket has lots of information about Jehile and has become a collector's item.

For more information on Ed Berbaum, his Jehile projects and his own work, contact any of the following:

RR 4 Box 39
Montrose, PA 18801

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