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December 2007 · Bimonthly

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This is the log that comes from a tree that
is felled to the ground that is hauled to the
mill and sawed into boards that makes the
fiddle that makes the music that makes
feet thump the floor that is made of wood

This is the sheep who gives of her wool
and this is the fleece that lines the case
where lies the fiddle that is made of wood
And this selfsame sheep has the guts that
cross the bridge to bring out music that
lies in the wood

Here is the horse who has the tail that
provides the hair that spans the bow that
touches the gut that makes the music that
comes from the wood

This is the hand that draws the bow across
the strings that sing of maple and spruce
and these are the fingers that press the
strings against the ebony for a night of

And all the time the feet are tapping feet
are thumping all the time these feet are
thumping on the floor that is made of

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Photo by Doug Mindell
About the Author
Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman live on the edge of the woods in Canterbury, New Hampshire. They earn their money by playing fiddles for old time New England barn dances.

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