BLACK EYED SUSIE - a version for beginners

by Stacy Phillips

This version of Black Eyed Susie is taken from my book "Beginning Fiddle Solos" (MB #95590) and is based on the playing of the great fiddler from the 1920's-`30's, Doc Roberts, of Madison County, Kentucky (1897-1978)

The tunes in "Beginning Fiddle Solos" are arranged for instant gratification of fiddling rookies. If you can play any major scale, you can deal with this tune. With the aid of the enclosed CD you can even learn how to read music, by comparing the sounds with the notation. The string on which each note is played and the finger to be used are indicated under the staves. The "L" and "H" refer to either "high" or "low" position of the indicated finger.

The complete recordings of Doc Roberts are available on Document Records, though that company is notorious for printing only a small number of their releases. There is an excellent, short biography of Roberts in Charles Wolfe's "The Devil's Box" (Vanderbilt University Press/Country Music Foundation Press).

More information on this tune can be found on Andrew Kurtz's wonderful web site, The Fiddler's Companion (at where the melody is traced back to the 16th Century.

Stacy Phillips

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