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Learning from Licks | A Double Fiddle Arrangement

A Double Fiddle Arrangement

by Stacy Phillips

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Any fiddler will tell you that there is a particular thrill to be had by playing a tune in harmony with a like-minded fiddler. And if the other fellow is a more polished player, you wind up sounding better than you would playing alone.

This is not a breakdown. Play at a loping tempo, maybe around a cut time speed of 110 beats per minute. This fiddle tune entered the bluegrass scene by way of resonator guitarist, Tut Taylor. I have heard that is based on a Scottish tune.

Note that the entire harmony is a third higher than the melody, paralleling the counter of the lead.

This piece is taken from my book "Twin Fiddling" (Mel Bay #95458). It contains 63 pieces from various tradition-based styles arranged for two, and occasionally three, violins. There is a chapter which explains how to put together your own arrangements. It comes with a CD of all the music in the book.

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