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August 2009 · Bimonthly

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Stacy Phillips, Editor

Welcome to the August issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

FiddleSessions® is a monthly online magazine exploring various facets of Fiddle music. Each month, this "webzine" will feature articles by composers, teachers, or performers. Visitors to the site can learn about the featured authors' publications, background, or performance / workshop schedule. A free printable music sample will be included in at least one of the articles each month.

In this issue we return to Paul Anastasio's series on basic principles of musicianship applied to fiddling. This time the topic is improving the acuity of your musical ear.

Miamon Miller examines the sirba family of Romanian fiddle tunes. Hang on to your hats as he redefines your concept of a major scale, 6/8 meter and pronunciation!

We introduce you to a new book published by Mel Bay, A Fiddle Player's Guide to Jamming" by Carl Yaffey and John Sherman. It's part of a series about jamming related to specific instruments.

Finally, this magazine's occasional musings about the world of contest fiddling and the judging thereof is joined by a veteran of that world, Dennis Coelho. Most contests are single day affairs, so his article refers to some of the bigger money affairs. He wrote part one of this article as a continuation of the conversation begun by me in issue Dec. '08 and continued by Caroline Osborne in Feb. '09.


      Stacy Phillips

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