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FiddleSessionsTM is a monthly online magazine exploring various facets of Fiddle music. Each month, this "webzine" will feature articles by composers, teachers, or performers. Visitors to the site can learn about the featured authors' publications, background, or performance/workshop schedule. A free printable music sample will be included in at least one of the articles each month.

Some Basic Fiddling on "Boil the Cabbage Down"
Swing Week at Augusta and More
Jehile Kirkhuff - My Music Mentor
Recording the Fiddle (Part 1: The Basics)

I am soliciting responses to the articles in this webzine in the hope of a long term exchange of views. If you have corrections or comments, positive or negative, about the pieces in this fiddle magazine, please contact the editor at archduke@stacyphillips.com.

It may even be possible to create an article from your response.

            Stacy Phillips, Editor

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Inducted into the Fiddlers Hall of Fame in 2002, Grand Ole Opry performer for 50 years, considered part of the "first generation" of bluegrass musicians, Bobby Hicks is a master and a teacher. The techniques of his unique style are now available on this DVD for developing fiddlers who will learn what no other instructor can teach...

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